LegalTeams guides complex legal business projects with simplicity. To this end, specialists, efficient work processes and technology are aligned. Your project will run as agreed, on time and within budget.

The best team

LegalTeams can tap into an extensive network of experienced project managers. In addition, its database with profiles of professional specialists is continuously being extended. LegalTeams puts together a suitable team for your project, consisting of external specialists - if preferred - combined with specialists from your own company or (external) specialists with whom you already work. 

The best work process

LegalTeams’ working method is based on proven methods, such as the IILPM. This is an internationally recognised methodology of the International Institute for Legal Project Management. This working method is characterised by a high degree of efficiency and has been successfully applied in (legal) practice for years. The many years of practical experience of LegalTeams’ partners is supplementary thereto. This makes the project management approach of LegalTeams effective and innovative in the Netherlands. 

The best technology

Using the right tools makes collaboration faster, easier and more secure. LegalTeams facilitates every team with the collaboration platform XS2Files. This tool is used during the assignment as a portal for, among other things, the exchange of documents. This allows for efficient and secure collaboration. After completion of the assignment, the complete matter file can be exported for and by the customer.

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The LegalTeams approach

  1. Critically analysing the legal aspect of the business problem. LegalTeams’ brings many years of professional experience to the table.
  2. Putting together a suitable team for the specific problem (substantive) as well as for the client (soft skills, rate). The team can also (partly) consist of the client’s inhouse resources. 
  3. Discussing the goals of the project with the team and the client. The milestones are explicitly recorded in the project planning.
  4. A-Z project management. The project manager of LegalTeams does not carry out any legal substantive work, but manages the engagement and ensures agreed upon objectives are achieved. A tight and clear planning table is utilized and continuous communication and feedback are an integral part of the management approach which focusses on the elements: timing, financial and good collaboration.
  5. Each engagement is handled digitally through the use of the XS2Files platform and video conferencing, unless physical meetings or communication adds specific value.

Frequently asked questions

That’s a choice. If your lawyer selects the engagement team members, then you most likely end up with members of your lawyer’s firm. This may work well, but doesn’t always provide the best capabilities and the finest team for the job. 

Yes, a lot. Eva has worked in the legal profession for over 15 years as a lawyer and later as law firm management director. Since 2017, she has been working as an independent consultant and project manager for various law firms. Edo has been a lawyer for over 30 years with several law firm and corporate finance firms and has managed many complex cases as a team, also together with the client’s lawyers. Marjan has been guiding ICT projects across the full width of law firms and corporate legal departments for more than 20 years.

Both. Our rates can be set flexibly. We work in a specific and result-oriented way and feel confident with part of our renumeration depending on the results achieved (milestones).

Success is determined on the basis of achieving the agreed upon objectives. This can, for example, be effective resourcing as a result of a reorganisation, the festive opening of a new branch or project, the end of a lawsuit with a settlement or positive judgment within a certain bandwidth or the completion of a divestment or the acquisition of a business.  

We add value by creating clarity in a context of increasing legal business complexity. More and more specialists are hyper-specialists, which doesn’t always benefit the coherence and solution-oriented approach. Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep an overview as a client, let alone definitions of objectives and timing. 

No, we provide a project manager and manage specialists that are contracted by the client. The client directly enters into assignments with the selected specialists. In addition, LegalTeams obtains a mandate from the client to negotiate the engagements with the selected specialists on behalf of the client, to approve their work and to assess and approve their invoices for payment by the client. 

No, not necessarily. We look for available specialists in the market. If specialists are nominated by the client, we will in principle embrace this, but we always want to be in charge of the project (delegated authority) to ensure the successful delivery of our services. 

We focus exclusively on the client. We have no legal relationship with the specialists we select and do not receive any compensation, commission or kickback from them. We have no interest in engaging more and more fee earners in a project. We emphatically strive to simplify the difficult instead of making the simple difficult.