LegalTeams helpt met het managen van juridische projecten. Wie kan er zoal gebruik maken van LegalTeams?

Family business director

The owner of a large family business wants to plan for succession, or wants to create a sustainable return and invest in property, or wants to considerably expand his running business. These objectives are quite different from his day-to-day operation and his regular advisors are not well versed in these undertakings. LegalTeams offers guidance by putting together a team that keeps a close eye on the legal, financial and tax elements. This makes LegalTeams an appreciated sparring partner.

Financial director (CFO)

Covid 19 caused a CFO to face a complex restructuring issue with closure or divestiture of a business unit. He prefers to work with the company’s accountant and it’s in-house lawyer who is familiar with employment law. However, the project needs a diversified team. LegalTeams can select an ideal team, based on needed specialisms, team work methods and budget. LegalTeams manages the specialists and takes work off the CFO’s shoulders, thus ensuring continuity of the core business.  

Property manager

A property manager has to deal with a multitude of legal aspects in property projects and transactions he is reponsible for, such as the development of a logistics centre, the opening or closing of a business location, structuring corporate funding or a sale and lease back transaction, selling or purchasing property or overseeing due diligence investigations. Tender procedures and permit processes, company relocation or expropriation also require the necessary attention. Our LegalTeams Project Manager ensures that the property manager can keep a grip on matters. 

Legal Counsel

A general legal counsel of a large corporation or a listed company is fully engaged with managing his in-house legal team, e.g. because increasingly strict competition rules, GDPR and other compliance matters. Surprisingly, the takeover of a German competitor is on the agenda of the board. Due to time constraints the legal counsel cannot tackle the project adequately without losing control internally. LegalTeams assists in managing and supplementing the internal team in terms of specialism. Selection of an international team that supports the acquisition may also be handled by LegalTeams. 

Municipalities and Government 

Municipalities seek connection with external consultancy. LegalTeams offers a solution through project management in close collaboration with the responsible civil servant or administrator. This way, implementation remains under control and budget overruns and failure costs are limited. The LegalTeams Project Manager forms a healthy and independent counterbalance for the external subject matter experts and managers involved in the project. The Legal Project Manager not only monitors the quality of services, but also if milestones are met on time and the time sheets and billing are accurate.  

UK company

A UK-based company considers setting up a Netherlands branch and has engaged an advisor to explore this endeavour. The company decides to settle in Rotterdam, but has to deal with various legal matters , such as property acquisition, tax and logistics, but also challenges in the field of company law, employment law and permits. LegalTeams puts together a team of needed specialists and a project manager who directs the process, from start to finish. 

Private equity 

A private equity firm wants to set up a new fund and thus invest more quickly in promising targets. LegalTeams provides extra deal execution capacity. 

Sustainable entrepreneur 

An entrepreneur wants to be eligible for sustainable financing. The entrepreneur wants to dry-test whether his organisation meets EGS principles and may formulate and implement a ESG approach in the organisation. LegalTeams is coordinating the assessment of the business organisation and the value chain. For this, LegalTeams involves lawyers, organisation advisors, communication or marketing experts and organisational psychologists.  

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